Starship and Falcon in Cinematic VR

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We’ve had the amazing opportunity to place cinematic VR 180 stereoscopic cameras and binaural microphones at the launchpads at Starbase and Cape Canaveral. We’re on a mission to transport you to the exciting moments of our new space era! 

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Cosmic Perspective rocket launch VR experience
SpaceX Starship liftoff VR

Starship SN15's historic launch and landing

Experience the first successful Starship launch and landing in virtual reality from 125 meters away! WARNING: When Starship comes out of the clouds it will scare you. 

SpaceX Starship VR Video

Starship has landed!

Experience what it’s like to see Starship SN15 back-on-Earth up-close in virtual reality on the first day after road opening.  

SpaceX Starship VR Experience

Starship SN15 Rollback Up-close

Experience the scale of Starship as it rolls by. Then celebrate with us in the field!

SpaceX Starbase VR Experience


Be with the small group of humans who gathered to illuminate STARBASE for the first time ever.
A new era began that night. 

SpaceX Starship Tower Segment VR

Orbital Launch Tower Construction

Experience what it’s like to see and hear a huge segment of the new orbital launch tower just driving by on the road.